Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Projects to practice with: Flower frames

Things are a little uncertain at the moment and as many of us find ourselves inside, working from home or self-isolating, the need to create, to distract ourselves is strong.  Practising the comma stroke is so achievable but more importantly, mindful. Sometimes though, lines of comma strokes fail to inspire.

Whether you are wanting to practice or just create a fun project, these frames are lovely.

Our Level 2 Daisy details is the next step after our Round Brush Starter kit.  These pretty flowers are made up of comma strokes and can be painted in a variety of formations.  If you have learnt to paint these flowers and would like to learn to paint them from different angles, check out our blog here. 

To have a go at painting this Daisy frame, print off our pattern sheet from our Pattern Board on Pinterest.

Our Level 3 Vintage Rose kit takes Folk Art painting to the next level. This kit does not introduce you lots more techniques (though it does introduce you to side-loading) but it does take more practice as you learn how to fit the petals together to form a beautiful rose.

To paint this floral frame, download the frame here. 

We do hope you find enjoyment in these projects during lockdown.  Feel free to share your projects with us when they are completed.

Happy Folking,

You Can Folk It x

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