Wednesday, 10 July 2019

How to paint pansies with You Can Folk It

Introducing our luxe label Angle shaders... 

Angle Shaders are used for many of the same brush strokes that can be created with the flat brush and in many cases, it makes the strokes a little easier.  One of the techniques the Angle Shader is useful for is 'floating' colour (the technique taught in our Cupcakes and Babushka kits) as the angle of the brush allows you to blend the paint on the brush nicely and the nice sharp point allows you to get into the awkward areas more easily. 

DecoArt Americana Pansy Lavender
DecoArt Americana Titanium White
DecoArt Americana Lamp Black
DecoArt Americana French Mauve
DecoArt Americana Teal Green 
DecoArt Drying Time Extender 

Brushes & Equipment used:


1. Transfer the design (if you are completing a practice board, transfer 3 pansies to create a step by step reference as above) and use the No 8 Lux Angle Brush to base coat the larger leaves with Teal Green and use the No. 3 round brush. Mix Teal Green with a touch of Titanium White and basecoat the smaller leaves.

2. Add a touch of Lamp Black to the Teal Green and use the liner brush to apply a comma stroke vein on each leaf

3. Next, basecoat the ribbon using French Mauve.

Tip: for each of the above, paint the colours over the outline of the pansy slightly as we want these to look like they are behind the pansy in the finished piece. 

4. Use the No. 10 Lux Angle Shader to 'float' Titanium White around the edged of the larger leaves and the No 8 Angle Shader for the smaller leaves

5. Look at the pattern sheet and note that the floating on the ribbon is where the marks appear.  Float Titanium White along the marked edges (note this is the opposite edges)  Take care to join up where the 'float' meets, this will give the illusion of the twist in the ribbon

Tip: When floating colour, apply thin coats and build up with several coats rather than one heavy coat, this will give you a much better end result.

6. Basecoat the back two petals with Pansy Lavender. Next, add a little white to the lavender and basecoat the next two petals.  Finally, add a touch more white and basecoat the front bottom petal.  Apply a float of Titanium White around each petal on the pansy

7. Use the liner brush & Lamp Black to apply the centre of the pansy - add water to the brush to achieve some nice fine strokes.  Make sure you note the direction of the strokes and make sure you are putting a slight bend in them and they are not straight.  Finish with 2 comma strokes using the liner brush & Yellow Ochre.

8.  Apply dot daisies using Titanium White & French Mauve.

9. To complete the flowers, load the liner brush with Teal Green and 'tip' with Titanium White, 'tap' the end of the brush around the daisies to create filler foliage. 

If you have a go at this tutorial, we would love to see your pansies. Please tag us in social media or email your photos to 

Happy Folking! 


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