Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Folky Tips to stay creative

Tips to stay creative from You Can Folk It

Running a business, looking after a family or generally dealing with whatever life brings your way means that sometimes creativity, hobbies and having fun often get tossed aside. Creativity has so many benefits: it allows us time and space to think, helps us to solve problems whilst encouraging creative thinking. So, we thought we would put together a few of our favourite ways to stay creative…..
Spend some time every week being creative. Schedule time for yourself to paint for no other reason than it makes you happy. It doesn't have to be a project - it could be a practice sheet or doodling a new pattern that you can add to your journal. We've just kicked off our weekly Folky Doodles series every Wednesday, this is our little bit of 'me' time that we put aside each week to be creative and show you guys just what we get up to. 

Do something different. Try something you haven't done before or that you think you don't have time for…bake a cake, go do some gardening, read a book. Breaking out of your routine even if just for 5 or 10 minutes can uplift and inspire you. 

Whether it's flicking through a magazine or browsing (our personal favourite!) Pinterest, you can find inspiration everywhere. Pinterest in particular is an amazing way to stumble across the unknown, things that you would have never even thought of searching for. 

Sometimes thinking can be our downfall when it comes to creativity, just let loose and try not to restrict yourself to boundaries, our guides that come with our kits for example…yes they teach you how to paint the basics and are incredible helpful but feel free to explore them and adjust them to suit the style you desire. 

5. Practice. From mixing colours to brushstrokes, practice is key. No one is perfect and just practicing our technique and playing with colour can inspire new colour schemes, build confidence and trigger new ideas. 

These are our favourite five but there are so many other ways to stay creative. It is so important, we have a board dedicated to creativity - after all without the desire to create where would WE be? 

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