Thursday, 31 May 2018

10 fantastic ways to paint with rainbows

 Rainbow inspiration from You Can Folk It

Last month, we announced our fun new painting challenge.  Choosing a range of broad themes for our painters to have fun with each month we hoped they would inspire your journal pages and projects.  Our first month, a month filled with beautiful rainbows has not disappointed as we have been fascinated by your projects.  We were so inspired, we couldn't resist getting involved ourselves.  Here are a few gorgeous projects we have created and admired over the last month.  

Hand painted rainbow decorations look beautiful on this freestanding lego project

Helen from Mindful Crafts has recently discovered these fantastic freestanding Lego decorations and given him a rainbow makeover.  

Carol Sykes from You Can Folk It created this beautiful rainbow using techniques from their flat brush kits available from

Our Flat Brush Cupcakes and Babushka kits teach you how to 'float' colour to create depth and dimension in your painting. Here, Carol used this technique to create a beautiful rainbow. 

A rainbow makeover for You Can Folk It's dot rose design from the Round Brush kit

One of our customers (@at_the_painting_table) transformed our Dot rose design using all the colours of the rainbow.

Dotty daisies from You Can Folk It's round brush starter kit - rainbow style

Jackie @jacbnimble_crafts indulged in a little dotting and we love rainbow daisies! 

Using a muted rainbow of colours and a liner brush to paint this dandelion clock

We got out our liner brush and did a little practice using a muted rainbow, not as bold as the bright palette but still as pretty

Play and experiment with colour - You Can Folk It vintage roses in rainbow colours

Sometimes it's fun to break the rules and experiment and Rose creates beautiful projects when she does just that! You can create the most interesting and eye catching paintings when you play with colour. 

We used paint pens and our comma strokes to create this fun painting

We revisited our childhood with this splatter painting and had great fun making a mess! 

Vikki @take_time_out discovered our kits at the Handmade Fair and there's been no stopping her creativity ever since.  Here she mixed rainbow dots with brush lettering while she took time out to create.

Handpainted flowers transformed by a bright and fun rainbow palette

We adapted our Bluebird flowers to create something unique and the rainbow colours certainly helped us do that! 

You Can Folk It Oriental Blossom flowers look beautiful in rainbow colours.  A great project when learning to paint.

Using floating (from our Cupcake and Babushka kits) and our Oriental Blossom kit, @at_the_painting_table used the theme literally and created this beautiful flower rainbow.  

One thing is for sure, the first monthly theme of our Painting challenge has inspired some new and exciting ideas.  Painting with rainbow colours is so fun, we doubt we have seen the last of this theme.  As we move forward to our next theme, flora and fauna, we look forward to seeing more gorgeous projects and journal pages from all you Folkers :) 

Happy Folking x  


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