Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Our top ten creativity quotes

We love a good quote - when you haven't got the words to explain why we do what we do, when we need the right dose of motivation or when we need to bring a smile to our face, there is a quote for every occasion.  

Here, we have put together our 10 favourite quotes, about crafting, creativity and of course, painting. Of course there are so many more fab quotes out there, we have a whole board dedicated to them :)

Enjoy a different kind of happiness with art - the benefits of art #quote

Whether it is strolling round a gallery, painting and creating or visiting the theatre, art calls to us in a way that nothing else can. 

Allow painting to distract you from every day life and focus on something beautiful #quote #mindfulness

We love painting for the way it allows us to escape our thoughts for a while. 

Wake and make - enjoy the creative way of life #quote

Once you let yourself get creative, it becomes a way of life 

Painting makes us happy, we are happiest when we paint #quote #craftquote

It is a cycle - when we paint we feel happier.  When we are happy, all we want to do is paint :) It's not about the project we create, it is about the process - about zoning out and getting lost in a little creativity. 

Ever been to a Craft Fair or shop and thought this? Yeah, us too ;) 

Weekend housework 100% crafting! #craftquote #quote

Every weekend..... 
We have priorities after all! 

What mess? this is creative freedom #craftquote #creativity #quote

There's no such thing as mess when we are being creative! 

Makers gonna make and we have to paint  #craftquote #quote

It's not a choice...its a must!

Paint is only wasted when it stays in the bottle #quote #crafting #painting

Don't leave your paint in the bottle! Paint is made to be used...the only question is what will you create

if only! #quote #crafting #painting

If only! 


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