Monday, 13 June 2016

How to create a Father's Day card that they will love

With Father's Day coming around, many of us are thinking about what to buy, create or bake that will express our thanks for being there for us. It's true there are many shops and websites out there offering great ideas but there's nothing better than creating your own cards, gifts or even gift wrap. 
Here are a few ideas to help you create a gorgeous Fathers Day card with You Can Folk It...

What you'll need: 
Any of the Series 1 add on kits - these teach you the all important comma stroke. 
Our Chef, moustache and guitar patterns

1. Dot Rose card 
With any of our designs, you can create so many different looks just by changing the paint colours you use. Here, we used the dot rose heart from our Series 1 Starter kit. Instead of using the colours from the original design, we created the heart using Lamp black and Warm white from the kit to give the design a more masculine look. 

One of the fantastic things about Folk Art is that it is not the design that is important but the brushstroke. Once you have mastered the comma stroke from our Series 1 add on kits, you can use it to create anything you wish; from roses to angels, daisies to beautiful borders. 

However, this versatile brushstroke can create so much more! Here at Folky HQ, our resident designer Sandra has been working her magic to create a few other designs. 

2. The Chef card 
Still limiting the colour palette to Lamp Black and Warm White, base coat your chef in White using the round brush. To achieve a smooth finish, use comma strokes to fill the area in.  Let it dry and if needed very lightly sand smooth.  Continue this process until you have applied three coats.  Using the liner brush and the Lamp Black, paint comma strokes  to create his moustache.  Using your dotting tool, add dots for his buttons.

3.  Moustaches 

Using the Lamp Black and your round brush, paint the areas with comma strokes. If your brushstrokes do not give you the shape you want, especially if you find it difficult to create the curled moustache, simply fill in the shape using your brush. 

4. Guitar - For all those musical or music obsessed Dad's out there :) 

Base coat the guitar in Lamp Black with the round brush, let dry and lightly sand. With the liner brush, paint the stems in Lamp Black.  Add black dots with the large end of the dotting tool. A good tip here is to make sure the dots are dry so your work doesn't get smudged as you continue to paint the rest of the design. If you wish to move on with the design, simply use a hairdryer to speed up the process.  Next, with the small end of the dotting tool, add comma strokes for the leaves in Warm White. 

For the detail on the guitar apply the top heart in Warm White with the small end of the dotting tool. Next, apply the white circle with the large end of the dotting tool. For the middle heart, use the large end of the dotting tool and the last one at the bottom with the small end of the dotting tool.  When these are dry, add more hearts over the top of the white using Lamp black and the small end of the dotting tool.  To finish, using the liner brush, paint stems close to the edge of the guitar in Warm White and with the small end of the dotting tool apply tiny leaves in the same colour.  Once dry scatter white and black dots around the stems.


When you have created your card, it is easy to get so caught up in the satisfaction of your make that the envelopes get overlooked. To complete your handprinted creation, why not add designs to the back of the envelope as we have done here or add a small design to the corner of the front of your envelope? 

What will you be creating for Father's Day? We hope we have inspired you and as always, if you do create one of these cards, or something different using our kits, we would love to see it. 

Happy Folking, 

You Can Folk It! 


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