Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Five Folky up-cycling projects we love

It's true that we see so many projects from our lovely customers and while many favour making cards and gift bags with our designs, some transform an unloved item into something beautiful: to fall in love with a boring object once more, to show a sentimental item a bit of TLC or to up-date a piece of furniture that no longer fits into new decor. Here, we have chosen a few projects that we love, for their transformation, for the stories behind them and their creativity. 

1.  Up-cycling projects come in all shapes and sizes and we just adore this apprentice dresser Anthea has folked up for her daughter to play with. Tiny furniture and dot roses? What's not to love!
up-cycled apprentice dresser using You Can Folk It's Series 1 Starter kit
Anthems daughter now has the prettiest dresser to play with! 

2. If you have seen our Storage and Organisation board on Pinterest, you know we love great ideas for displaying our bits and bobs and we love this handmade photo frame Rose has created. Using an old picture frame, twine and mini pegs, she has created this beautiful dot rose photo frame.  

An old picture frame can be up cycled into great storage for photos. Rose has added dot roses from You Can Folk It's Series 1 Starter kit
Rose saved money by turning an old picture frame into a quirky photo frame using the supplies and techniques from our Series 1 Starter kit. 

3.  One of our Folkers had a rather unloved Elephant in her possession but as it once belonged to her Mother she was reluctant to pass it on. After she discovered Folk It, she saw a perfect opportunity to give him a little makeover.  Using our Series 1 Starter kit, she added a few dot roses and eyes.  Now, despite the damage he has received after all the years he was loved, he is loved once more. What a great story! 
An unloved heirloom was given a makeover with You Can Folk It's painting kits. Reloved!
The elephant was first decorated using deco patch before adding a few roses  from our Starter kit. 

4. After she gave her daughter's room a facelift, Anna decided to do the same for the old chest of drawers that was in there too. Bought in the 70's by her parents, the dark brown wood made the drawers a functional item, but certainly not a beautiful one. After searching Pinterest for a bit of colour inspiration, she opted to create this beautiful ombre effect by adding some pink paint she used to paint the bedroom to some DecoArt Chalky finish paint in Lace. Using our dot rose hearts from our Series 1 Starter kit, she added detail to each drawer and finished the top with our Series 2 Oriental blossom. 

An Ombre paint effect and beautiful details thanks to You Can Folk It's Starter & Oriental blossom kit.
Anna used DecoArt's new Rose gold metallic paint and warm white to paint the roses. 

The oriental blossom looks beautiful on this up-cycled set of drawers
Anna used the same Rose Gold metallic paint and blended it with a pink shade she mixed from our Series 1 acrylics to create the shimmery blossom she painted on the top. 
 5. Faye has had this great desk in her room for a while but she thought it lacked something. She loves our Vintage Rose kit and after creating her own custom made templates to fit the table top and drawers, she got to work. We think the desk is now a work of art!

We teach you how to paint beautiful roses and leaves in our kits which contain, not only a comprehensive instruction booklet, but a DVD too. 

Creating beautiful pieces of furniture was one of the reasons Folk Art was created and we love the fact that, centuries later, people are using our kits to create re-loved items for their home.  If you have an up-cycling project that features a bit of Folk It, please do let us know. 

Happy Folking, 

Carol & the team xx

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