Friday, 4 September 2015

We are celebrating International Dot Day

We have all had those thoughts haven't we? Those thoughts that nestle in to our psyche and tell us that we aren't creative, that we couldn't possibly draw/paint/cook as well as we want to. Unfortunately, those voices often come from parents, friends or teachers and once they are there, they are so difficult to change. 
One teacher that understands the struggles we have with creativity realised that he needed a bit of assistance to convince his students that they were creative. On the 15th September 2009, Terry Shay bought Peter H. Reynold's book 'The Dot' into his classroom to share its story. In the book, a thoughtful teacher asks Vashti, a reluctant student who doubted her artistic ability, to make her mark. What begins as a simple dot develops into a journey of creativity. 
Our starter kit designs use dots to create beautiful and eye-catching designs. 

It is no coincidence that when we were creating our Series 1 Starter Kit we created beautiful and simple Folk Art designs that could be created using dots. From this dot, we can create roses, hearts and leave and no paintbrushes are needed. However, like Vashti, once you have started, you can experiment with those techniques and develop your skills using our other kits to include a series of brushstrokes, if you wish. 

Since that day in 2009, International Dot Day has been born and now (to date) 111 countries around the world celebrate this event. Millions have been inspired to discover their creativity starting with dots; from students to celebrities, they make their mark and the different directions this first step takes them in have been utterly astounding. 

This has become a huge event for teachers and educators around the world and you can download resources to help you plan mark making in lots of subjects beyond just Art. With the availability of social media, classrooms are even connecting via Skype to share experience. 
This year, we are so excited to be celebrating international Dot Day for the very first time and we hope you will join us. Over the next few weeks, we will be creating projects and inspiration using dots (in whatever form they take) and we challenge you to do the same. Even if you have only just discovered Folk It, pick up your Starter Kit and make your mark. Believe you are an artist - everyone has the potential to be creative, it can begin with a simple dot. 

We would love to see your creations. Why not share them with us on Facebook or email us at and we will be sharing lots of dotty projects on the 15th (and after) to celebrate creativity. 

We hope you're as excited as we are! 

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