Thursday, 19 April 2018

The first step towards understanding colour

Carol Sykes from You Can Folk It talks colour theory and the Ives Colour wheel

I will never forget that moment when I first found Folk Art painting while I was living in Australia in 1993.  I was a young mum and loved making any house we lived in into a home, I particularly wanted to paint furniture and decorate useful items.  When I found Folk Art painting it changed my world, I just loved everything about it.

I never thought much about colour as my teacher often provided a colour palette for me or I stuck to the colours I was drawn to, I didn't think much about which colours complimented each other or which colours would suit the design I wanted to create.  

That all changed for me when I came back to the UK and began teaching others, I attended every class I could to improve my knowledge.  I can still remember my first colour workshop, the teacher brought in the colour paint strips that you get in DIY stores and told us he was going to teach us how to mix those colours.  I honestly thought he was crazy!  I had been painting for about 3 years by then and it seemed impossible but...once you understand the theory, although it seems so simple, it changes so much.  

Of course you would not want to be mixing all your colours from scratch, that wouldn't be practical but I love the magic that can happen when you understand what complimentary colours are.  Those 'wow' moments when you sit those two colours side by side and suddenly, they begin to look brighter yet when you mix those same 2 colours together they begin to tone each other down.   

When I began to understand the tonal scale and what a split complimentary colour scheme is, it helped me not just in choosing my colour schemes, but my home decor and even my wardrobe! There is no end to the uses of understanding colour theory. 

Once thing is guaranteed though, you cannot learn about colour by watching - you have to do it and you have to start at the beginning!

I hope you will get your paints out and join me for your first lesson in the wonderful world of colour. 

Happy Folking,

Carol x 


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