Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Get to know colour: How to create tints, tones and shades

Colour is important when we are creating our Folk It projects. Whether we want to mix a loved one's favourite colour or just experiment with the paints we have, now we know how colour families are made, we can change the colours by creating a tone, tint or shade. 
Focusing on one colour family from the colour wheel we can change it by mixing in black or white. We will use the colours from the Series 1 Starter kit. You can practice this using any colours. Last week we learnt how to mix red and blue together to make violet.
Create tints by adding different amounts of white to your original colour. Painting a flower on top of each new tint shows you how much it has changed.

1. Tints - by adding white to your violet  you create a variety of tints. Like we did last week, begin with your violet and add white slowly. You don't think you are making a difference but when you paint a flower in the original shade of violet on the top, you begin to see how much it has changed

Creating shades of violet by adding black. These were created using our Series One paint kits available from www.folkit.co

2. Shades - by starting with the original violet and adding a little black each time, we create a variety of shades.

Create tones by adding black AND white to your original colour. Created using our Series One paints available from www.folkit.co

3. Tones - by adding black AND white to your original colour we begin to create tones.

We can measure these tints, tones and shades on a 'tonal scale' also known as a 'grey scale' or 'value scale' which becomes very useful when you want to put your own colour schemes together.
Tonal scale - so useful in design.

Painted box using our Series One lace and angel designs - available from www.folkit.co

Using my knowledge of tints and tones, I decorated a box using our Delicate lace and Angel designs to give these designs a completely different look! The only colours I've used for the base here is Tomato red and baby blue to create Violet. For the angel and lace I added black and white to this original colour to create tones and tints. There is no pure white used anywhere on this box. This shows how light and dark creates a gorgeous, sophisticated look on this gift box. 

HOMEWORK: why not have a go at creating your own project using one original colour and black and white to create tints and tones? 

Happy Folking, 

Carol x


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