Friday, 6 May 2016

Introducing our first Folky Weekend workshop!

Find out how to teach You Can Folk It to others

When we created You Can Folk It, we wanted to encourage everyone to take a leap, to learn something new and use our designs to make the world a more beautiful place. Since our journey began, we have not only seen our dreams become reality, but we have also seen our customers reach out to others to begin You Can Folk it workshops, to hold painting evenings with their friends and even demonstrate the techniques they've learnt from our kits to others; within their community, at their local craft fairs and so much more.

Both Sandra and I were adamant that we wanted to take this opportunity to help our customers in this journey, and after a few discussions and some scheduling, we have now arranged our first Folky Weekend workshop.  We envision this will be the first in a series of 3 You Can Folk It! business focused workshops.  Aimed at anyone who would like to create a business using the You Can Folk It! Kits, I will be passing on information I wish I had known when I was setting up my first teaching studio, more years ago than I care to remember!

It is suitable for anyone who wants to:
  • Hold You Can Folk It! craft parties
  • Introduce You Can Folk It! to existing workshop groups 
  • Set up their own business running craft/upcycling classes using You Can Folk It! 
  • Sell You Can Folk It! in their retail store
  • Demonstrate You Can Folk It at Craft Fairs and other events 

After teaching Folk Art for over 20 years, around the world and in many different environments, from small groups in hospitals and craft workshops, to large groups at craft exhibitions and conference rooms,  I have created a weekend that will prepare you for whatever plans you may have for using You Can Folk It in the future.

Training sessions throughout the 2 days is based around the You Can Folk It! Round Brush Series and it includes:
  • You Can Folk It! Brushstroke skills, how to master them and how to teach them effectively
  • How to demonstrate to encourage sales
  • How to create a lesson plan
  • How to use the You Can Folk It! kits to create your own creative business plan
  • DecoArt Product Knowledge – how to use the products and how to create different paint effects
  • Painting different surfaces – what you can paint and how to prepare the surfaces ready to paint 
Packed full of advice, practical activities and of course, the fun that comes with Folking It, if you would like information on our future Ambassador courses, please email

Happy Folking,

Carol x



  1. Scotland ...too far to travel but wish I could x

    1. Sorry to hear that Karen but we will let you know what we get up to. We are planning some more in future too so maybe you could make one of those if you wish x

  2. Am currently showing the kids at After School Kraftklub how to Fol-It using dots x

    1. That's great news - how are the kids enjoying it? We'd love to see pictures of their dotty creations if they wish to share them x

  3. What a great idea. You're so lucky to be doing something you love and are passionate about and its so great that you're sharing it with everyone. :)

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! It's true You Can Folk It has been Carol's passion and dream for many years now, it's great to see it coming to fruition and be a part of it x


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