Thursday, 18 February 2016

How to paint violets with You Can Folk It

I recently visited my sister who painted this plaque for her home some years ago. It got me thinking how beautiful the violet flower is and how easy it is to paint once you can paint comma strokes. It's a  beautiful flower to paint anywhere but with Mothers Day around the corner, why not add them to a card with leaves or mix them with our Daisies or Vintage roses? 

I hope you enjoy this tutorial. 

Happy Folking, 

Carol x 

To paint this violet, you will need: 

Series 1 Starter kit 
Paints from our Series 2 Starter kit
Series 1 Vintage rose kit (this shows you how to tip your brush and side load)
Practice paper 
Your final project piece to paint

In Folk Art, the brushstrokes are the building blocks to painting many patterns and designs. In our Series 1 add on kits, we teach you how to paint comma strokes and it is this brushstroke that we will be using to create these beautiful violets. 

The violet is made up of six comma strokes in total; four single strokes and two comma strokes joined together. By joining two comma strokes together, it creates a leaf shape as taught in our Series 1 Vintage Rose kit.

Begin by painting the top two petals first using the comma stroke.  Imagine you are painting 2 upright bunny ears! 

Next, paint two more comma strokes, this time like floppy bunny ears. 

For the bottom petal, practice joining two comma strokes as we have done here to create a leaf shape. 

Once you have practiced this step, begin in the middle of the violet and paint the two comma strokes to add the large, bottom petal. 

To paint this violet, we have used the Plum Americana Acrylic from our Series 2 Starter kit and tipped or side loaded with white - techniques taught in our Vintage Rose kit.

To create the centre of the violet, you will need your liner brush from our Starter kit. First, paint a layer of fine strokes in our Series 1 Lamp Black. Once this is dry, add two small comma strokes on top using the Yellow Ochre from the Series 1 kit. 

Once you have practiced painting your violet, you're ready to paint it on anything you wish. 

Don't forget the details.... 

Why not use some Hauser Light green and paint some leaves using the same technique as the bottom petal? Co-ordinate the purple violets with some vintage roses in pink or add some dot daisies around the violet?  The possibilities are endless! 


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